Time for a Change

I finally got around to cleaning up the RSS feeds to the left.  I removed Kyle and Sarah since their blog no longer exists.  I also removed Duncan and Allison’s blog due to the lack of activity and the appearance that a spammer has hacked in and started posting advertisements which then showed on this page.  If these blogs get spun up again or anyone else in the family starts a blog I would love to add you to the page, just let me know.  Until then, enjoy the slightly new look and colors.

New Look!

Yes, you came to the right place.  We’ve changed the look of the previous oh so BORING page.  The links to all Hunter Fam blogs are now to the left and with the wonderful help of RSS feeds you can see when the last time each was updated without going to the site.  You can even read the most recent post by clicking on the post title or just go to the site by clicking on the couple’s name.  Links to GimmeThis and the photo gallery are still here and are directly above this writing.  Hope you enjoy the new look!